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Red Wine

Fruit of Our Labor

SVR Label An Old Flame 18.1% by vol.

2019 An Old Flame

This is our estate Flame Tokay. The vines are approximately 90 years old, head trained and dry farmed. This wine has been fortified with brandy and aged in whiskey barrels. It has a similar taste profile of Sherry or White Port. Perfect as an aperitif or after dinner drink with cheeses or charcuterie.

SVR Label Cabernet Franc 14% by vol.

2020 Cabernet Franc

This Cabernet Franc was sourced from Ramona Valley. This Bordeaux varietal will stand up to your steak dinner with its grippy tannins.

Medal Winner at the 2022 San Francisco International Wine Competition.

SVR Label Petite Sirah 13.75% by vol.

2020 Petite Sirah

This full body wine is a beautiful compliment to braised or barbecue meats. The grapes were sourced from the Ramona Valley. French oak barrel aging brings a lovely balance to this high-tannin wine.

Medal Winner at the 2022 San Francisco International Wine Competition.

SVR Label Flame Tokay 11.2% by vol.

2021 Flame Tokay

This varietal is derived from estate vines that have been on the property since approximately the 1930’s. The vines are head trained and dry farmed. This is a very rare varietal with its own unique flavor profile. A true unicorn of wines.

SVR Label Field of Roses 12.2% by vol.

2021 Field of Rosés

This is a rosé made from a field blend of our estate Petit Verdot, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. Fresh and bright and waiting to be sipped on your front porch.

SVR Label Albarino 12.1% by vol.

2021 Albariño

Our Estate Albariño is a beautiful white wine that is fresh, light, and has crisp acidity. Pairs well with seafood and would be a perfect compliment to a light summer meal. Also pairs with Thai and Indian food.

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